Monday, August 27, 2007

Spinning My Wheels

I would really like to get this show on the road. I was on b/c pills during the second half of July because we knew we wanted to start our injectible/IUI cycle around the end of August and I just will NOT get a period without some sort of chemical assistance. I finished the last 'active' pill on Friday (8/17) and was supposed to call my RE's office with cycle day one.

Well. . . after waiting until Tuesday of the following week w/ no sign of any bleeding, I called my RE's office to see what she wanted me to do. She wanted me to come in for a saline ultrasound the following day. Wednesday morning I arrived for that and some bloodwork (thyroid and prolactin levels which were both fine). With the 'prep work' done and her ready to start the procedure, she starts the ultrasound, takes one look and stops everything. Apparently my lining was hugely thick. Measured 25 (millimeters?). She said she wouldn't be able to see anything w/ that much lining and put me on 10mg of provera each day for 10 days. In her words, a couple days after finishing the medicine I was going to have the "mother of all periods". I filled the rx and immediately took my first dose of provera (not the first time I've been on the stuff--but it's been a while). Thursday arrived and I had a small amount of bleeding. Friday came and I was definitely having a period.

I called the RE's office to ask what they wanted me to do. The nurse I spoke to told me to continue the provera and that they 'want me to bleed' and that was fine. She said I would probably bleed for a while until I had a couple more days of that medicine in my system. Fine with me. Today (Monday) I am STILL bleeding quite heavily. I called the RE's office again. Not because I was concerned about the bleeding. I understand the need to get rid of that thick lining. But they had told me to call them with my period that I got a few days after the provera was stopped (remember the 'mother of all periods'?). If I was going to just keep bleeding right on through the provera doses then at what point, exactly, was I supposed to call w/ my period??? I spoke to RE's assistant. We'll call her Dr. Patronizing. Upon picking up my call she immediately wanted to 'reassure' me that the bleeding was fine. This was something I already knew. I explained my question to her about when exactly I was supposed to call them w/ "cycle day one". She said (in a tone that made me have violent thoughts of reaching thru the phone line), "Well, if you're bleeding then you can stop the provera. And you were to call us with your first day of heavy bleeding. So when would have that been?" I said (trying desperately to maintain my composure), "On Friday--when I DID call you." Her response was, "Oh. Well. Let me call Dr. M and see what she'd like to do." Bitch. She called back a couple hours later. Guess what the 'plan' is? I am going to start a pack of b/c pills. And I'm supposed to call them with my NEXT period. Sound familiar? Another month of my life. . . down the effing drain.

I'm so sick of waiting. Waiting for my husband to get on a day shift. Waiting to look for a house that we really want to live in while we are waiting for our other DAMN house to sell. Waiting to put the house we are currently living in back on the market because we can't afford for this house to sell before the other house (our mortgage payment for this house is less than we would have to pay to rent a place--and we certainly can't afford MORE money each month right now). And now waiting ANOTHER month to start my inj/iui cycle.

This is one of those days when I can't listen to someone tell me to count my blessings. My response would be a knee-jerk


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