Thursday, April 17, 2008

There We Were Waving Brenda and Eddie Goodbye

Prelude/Angry Young Man
The Entertainer
New York State of Mind
Miami 2017
Don't Ask Me Why
Always a Woman
Root Beer Rag
Moving Out
Innocent Man
Keeping the Faith
River of Dreams
Highway to Hell
We Didn't Start the Fire
Big Shot
It's Still Rock 'n' Roll to Me
You May Be Right
Scenes from an Italian Restaurant**
Only the Good Die Young
Piano Man
That was the set list for the concert Tuesday night. I'm still on cloud nine. I loved every minute. Seeing Billy Joel in concert was on my bucket list. While I know I can now cross it off, that does not in any way mean that I would turn down tickets to see him again at any time in the future. Ever. We had seats behind the stage and they were actually awesome. We could see just about everything. The only thing that might have been better would have been standing along the edge of the stage like so many early 20-somethings were doing. (I couldn't help but notice they didn't REALLY get fired up until he played "River of Dreams" circa 1993. You know. Songs from their childhood. Ha.) I could have stayed all night and listened to him.

The news on the cycle-front: Wednesday morning the ultrasound wand and I had a tender moment together. It revealed 6 follicles on the left and 5 on the right ovary. The largest on the left measured 13-ish. The largest on the right was 12. My e2 (cycle day 9) was an unimpressive 168. I was told to continue w/ the same dose of Repronex (300IU) each night and come back Saturday morning to see what the magic wand reveals. . . ooooo. . . the anticipation of it all!

Tomorrow (Friday) my baby turns 2. I cannot believe 2 years ago tonight was the last night I was pregnant (may have been the last time I ever will be if something doesn't work around here soon).

*Very nice to hear this one since, I've read, it isn't usually included. My friend's favorite B.J. song so she was so happy!
**My personal favorite

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